Be smart, be savvy, be safe...

A few safety steps: that you can follow to make your private buying/selling experience even better and ensure that unscrupulous crooks don't turn you into a victim of their latest scam.
Selling your item: privately means you don't pay any agents commission or have any mediators involved in the sale taking away from your profit, you can choose the buyer of your prized items and negotiate the best price for your item.

  • Be vigilant accepting payment by cheque or bank deposit. Contact your bank and make sure that a cheque that has been deposited has been cleared. Insist that bank deposits are Cash deposits (not cheques which may later bounce) and again call your bank and confirm that the founds are available. Cash is preferable to other methods of payment.

  • Don't part with your item until you know that you have cash in in hand

  • Meet in public place, take a friend with you, safety bin numbers and leave your valuable at home.

  • Stocks, jeweler or other goods offered in exchange for your items no a good idea

  • Be wary of people that are too forceful or seem to keen to close the deal. Offering to buy any additional items you may have is also a danger sign

Buying an item: From private seller has many advantages. Private sellers offer great prices for goods, while you can still negotiate an even better price for the goods ensuring that you get the best bargains! Plus there is no commission to third parties.

  • Don't part with your money until you are sure that the item will be handed to you.

  • Check wit your nearest police station to ensure that a vehicle you want to purchase is not stolen

  • Don't pay deposits or holding fees for property or goods, especially not for items you have not seen

  • Always follow you gut'feel!

  • Be vigilant and wary rather than naïve and over trusting

  • Follow these steps even when buying from people vouched for by friends and family

  • Rather be safe than sorry

For more detailed helpful hints when buying or selling privately, go to our website to help you make safe and secure transactions every time, wherever ,whenever, from whoever you are buying or selling to.
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