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Negotiable Nurse Coordinator of RPCHO Category: Job application Posted on: 18-Sep-2015
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  • City: Kigali
  • Country: Rwanda
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Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice organization( RPCHO) is a Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO) registered in Rwanda ; it is aimed to work with Rwanda Ministry of Health in improving Palliative and Hospice Care related activities , this position will report to the Executive Secretary of RPCHO .To achieve its objectives RPCHO would like to recruit a nurse with following description:
Job Responsibilities

· Coordinate the daily activities of Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice organization (RPCHO).

· Coordinate the partners activities in palliative care including donation and Grants

· Assures that protocols, utilization review, case management, quality assurance, and compliance programs related to the integration of palliative care are implemented according to national policies in RPCHO activities.

· Participate monthly and periodically in the Palliative Care Technical Working Group organized by RBC and MOH.

· Collaborate with RBC/MPDD division for facilitate and ensure the procurement and utilization of Opioids in Palliative Care.

· Support and supervise Palliative Care activities on a regular basis in RPCHO catchment area.

· Works with hospital leadership to enhance the palliative care program’s community outreach to the public, healthcare facilities, and other applicable organizations in the community.

· Develop and submit the report to the supervisor and the donor on regular basis.

· Organize and conduct the home based care activities with Mobile Clinic staffs.

· Any other task assigned by the supervisor.


· Degree in clinical Psychology with a diploma in Nursing, Degree in Sociology with diploma in Nursing or other related field with five (5) years clinical experience and one (1) year of administrative experience.

· Advanced Practice Nurse with a minimum of five (5) years of clinical experience, a certificate in counseling and two (2) years of administrative experience.

· Having at least 2 years experience in development of Palliative Care Program or equivalent experience.

· At least 1 year experience working as part of an interdisciplinary team.

· Management and leadership experience preferred.

· Fluently speak English and writing correctly.

· Havebasic computerknowledge incurrentsoftware.(Microsoft : Word, Excel, Power Point...)

· Have adriving license category B would be an advantage.

Filing applications

The cover letter, CV and certificates relating thereto shall be put in a sealed envelope bearing the words RPCHO Nurse Coordinator position and deposited in the Office of the RPCHO Gatenga Health Center in Kicukiro District, the afternoon , during working days, from 14h-16H. Deposit deadline, Friday, September 25th at 16 o'clock.
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